DonaldPump is a play to earn mobile game, hosting a fun and unique deflationary token built on SOLANA.

Draining the swamp of shitcoins.

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Purchase $DNLD by using the following contract address



Purchase $DNLD by using the following contract address

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Through the integration of a weekly team token burn and no minting policy this allows us to generate more of a genuine interest towards our platform without any concern of over distribution.

Download the Donald Pump App on Google Play or App Store, and start redeeming your $DNLD.

Believe in our vision, $DNLD to the moon.

Core team

Jeremiah Lawrence

CEO, Operations Manager

Tallest guy in the team, actively working towards fulfilling my vision of solving modern day enterprise and banking problems through the use of crypto currency.

Geronimo Jr Deraffaele

CTO, Tech Lead

Straight from Italy, I believe in the ability to create a strong ecosystem with the blockchain technology. Having years of experience in the iGaming development scene, I plan to bring my expertise into the crypto field.

Amir Alexander


Referred to as the Coin Dragon, my journey started in late 2012 after creating a network of social media influencers to work together in order to establish a fantastic network of results, ultimately promoting the crypto space to new ventures and companies worldwide.

Mary Ann Saviour


Having the work experience of starting my own research and journalism company back in 2013 created a journey like no other. Delving deep into the astounding growth and fundamentals of crypto currency whilst experiencing amazing opportunities to open up about till this day.

Token Contract

Time-Lock Contract

March 2024

Fair Public Launch

Token launch



May 2024

Game Integration with $DNLD as

in-App Currency

Listing on more exchanges

New exciting Partnerships

April 2024

Coin Gecko Listing

Coin Market Cap Listing
Marketing and Promotion
Giveaways and influencer

June 2024

Raffles and Referrals Launch

HTML5 Friendly Game

First NFT Collection 

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